Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Early box office gross prediction

Captain America: The Winter Soldier the is coming this April 2014 with positive box office expectation riding from the box office success of the 2012 The Avengers movie were Captain America is also featured as one of the team member. How much will the 2nd Captain America Movie (The Winter Soldier) earn in the box office market?

Early prediction of this site will be around $190-$220 million domestically and $330-$360 from foreign markets for a total of $520-$550 million worldwide which would be a great success. The first Captain America Movie (The first avenger) in 2011 earned $176 million domestically and $191 million foreign revenues for a decent total of $368 million box office gross earned worldwide. While the first Captain America movie earned decently there is no doubt the second Cap solo movie will get significantly higher numbers considering the popularity of the character has increased after the 2012 super hero team up avengers movie earned $1.5 billion worldwide.

The online social media marketing has also increased like in facebook where Captain America movie page has around almost $7 million fans and growing and this can boost the popularity of the character. Spreading it around helps the total box office draw when it arrives in the theater in 2014. Iron Man movie on facebook has around $14 million page like and the movie just hit the $1 billion mark box office gross worldwide.

The early estimates is just the given current prediction in terms of how the popularity of the character and fan base has increased after the first movie captain america movie, the avengers movie, and other marvel films, online social media, helping it. It has nothing to do with how good the movie itself will be. If the movie is better than expected then it will earn more and maybe reach $600 or more million worldwide which I hopefully do so. If the movie is underwhelming then it might be just around $350 million worldwide but definitely nowhere below that no matter how lackluster the movie will be.

Captain America also has problem selling the movie to foreign markets because of the title name Captain "America" which is propaganda like. Most foreign people don't actually know or care about Captain America hence the low box office performance in other contries. Captain America the first avenger movie didn't do well in big foreign movie markets like Germany, France, and South Korea. It was also not shown on China. But after the 2012 The Avenger movie this will all change and Captain America is very known now to these foreign countries and will surely do a lot better than the first movie.

Let's all wait for the first trailer and after that an official official box office prediction will be posted.

Here is the 2nd projected box office,